Tripsona Second Birthday Celebration (December 28, 2019)

December 28, 2017, is the legal establishment date of CV Tripsona Indonesia as a company, which is the beginning of Tripsona's journey in the tourism sector in Yogyakarta. Two years feel like yesterday. Tripsona always ready to accompany our guests travel from the coast of Gunung Kidul to the summit of Mount Merapi. As our thanks to the stakeholders and loyal supporters of Tripsona, we held a modest birthday party at one of the famous restaurants in Yogyakarta.

In addition to spreading happiness with colleagues, we also use this opportunity to synchronize our vision for 2020, the year that we predict will be wonderful for Tripsona.


The following is a brief remark by Mado, CEO of Tripsona:

"Two years of an epic journey. Yesterday, we were celebrating our 2nd anniversary. It's been a hell of a wonderful ride. Started from scratch two years ago, the path on our journey to where we are now is not always rosy. But by hard work and perseverance, we are where we are now.

Still, a long way to go, but we are very grateful for everything we went through. We learn, and we grow. Thank you for everyone for your amazing support. We won't stop here. As always, we will continuously look over improvement in every aspect of our company to bring more joy and happiness to the people we serve, more innovatively and sustainably. Cheers to the brighter future!"

Then Rico, CFO of Tripsona, did not forget to provide a brief evaluation and analysis of the Tripsona strategy for 2020.

"In 2019, we gained a lot of progress, starting from increasing the number of users, getting a Certificate of Excellence award from Tripadvisor, and five-star satisfaction levels in almost all reviews on the site. These achievements show that we are on the right path. However, that does not mean we are perfect. There are still many things we can improve.

Therefore, in 2020, I hope that our Tripadvisor ranking can rise even though I know that some of our competitors use fake reviews. I don't want that. I believe we can push our rank at least in the 20s by 2020 with genuine reviews.

In this third year, I predict that the number of inquiries will increase far higher than in 2019 because almost all of our users were satisfied, even more, they were impressed with our services. With word of mouth, of course, this network will be stronger in 2020. Therefore let us fly even higher so that we all prosper."


After we ate and we laugh, it's time to go home for the year-end holidays so that we can come back fresh in 2020. Thank you to Daywa, Yovie, Laras, Dista, and all the participants of this birthday celebration, as well as invited participants who were unable to attend. May Tripsona remains robust in the effort of growing Yogyakarta tourism industry!