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+62-812-3849-8145 (Mado)

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For you who have your own itinerary in Yogyakarta, this service is for you. We can provide you with car and qualified driver to take you to your preferred destination. Here are our features:



Qualified Driver

We will drive you to your destination professionally. We have reliable drivers who always drive safely and know the street terrain in Yogyakarta very well, so your comfort and safety will always be maintained. Our driver can also speak English and have a good personality, so you will be like being in your own private car. Then our drivers are also always honest in providing the best information related to the destination you want to go, for that you do not have to worry to believe in our drivers.

Qualified Car

The car we rent is a car that is always well mantained engine, as well as the cleanliness of the exterior and interior. You can definitely differentiate our car from another rental car because besides being clean, our cars are also fragrant, comfortable, powerful and run smoothly. This treatment to ensure that your safety will be assured when using our car rental services. Not to forget we have also provided gasoline so you do not need to spend money on gasoline (in accordance with the terms and conditions).

Payment Simplicity

Ease in making payments is one of our advantages. You can pay by cash, credit card via paypal, or bank transfer, according to your preference. Once the invoice appears and the payment has been fulfilled, we will always fulfill our obligations. Relax and wait at the agreed time, and we will pick you up for a trip that you will never forget. Do not be afraid in case of force majeur, your money will be returned to your account (in accordance with the terms and conditions).

Free Consultation

Tripsona’s customers will find it easy to consult or just to communicate with Tripsona’s drivers. You can contact us via email, WhatsApp, SMS, phone, or social media (twitter / facebook / instagram). All your questions will definitely be answered, so do not hesitate to consult related to your travel schedule and/or destination. Our team will provide the best advice and always transparent regarding to the ticket prices, food prices, etc. Because of this service, you will not feel alone in Yogyakarta.

First Aid Kit

We know that the tourist attraction in Yogyakarta can make you very excited, so that often the our users experience sprained, tired, scratched, and so forth. For that we provide a first aid kit so that in case of emergency conditions, you will get proper first aid. This feature can surely provide a peace of mind when you travel. However, we advise you to bring your own personal medicines and do not travel when sick.

Price List
Type of Cars Avanza/Xenia Grand Livina Innova
Price* 550.000 IDR (43 USD) 550.000 IDR (43 USD) 750.000 IDR (58 USD)
Capacity 5 pax 5 pax 6 pax
Duration 10 hours 10 hours 10 hours
Coverage** DIY DIY DIY
Qualified Driver
Qualified Car
Easier Payment
Free Consulting
Easier Communication
First Aid Kit

* Excludes parking and admission fees, but we can take care of everything at an additional cost of 15% of the transaction value of the tickets. A guide is also available for an additional 150,000 IDR
** For destinations other than DIY and Borobudur, please contact us
*** In accordance with applicable terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions
  1. Tripsona is the service provider.
  2. Guests have to be in healthy condition, physically and mentally. Inform us if you have any special health condition so we can prepare.
  3. When you decided to make a reservation means you understand and agreed to the terms and conditions from the provider.
  4. Obey all the traffic regulations applied in Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta.
  5. You are required to fill the reservation form correctly to prevent problems occuring in the future.
  6. Overtime charge of 100.000 IDR/hour will be applied if you pass the time limit.
  7. The coverage area of this service are Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta including Borobudur area.
  8. You will get 20 liters of gasoline for each trip. There will be no refuel from us if you spent all the quota, so you will need to pay the refuel by yourself.
  9. For the convenience of both parties, you will be required to provide full payment in advance to secure your booking. Full payment must be done in Indonesian Rupiah currency through bank transfer (domestic) or in US Dollar currency through Paypal (international).
  10. Depending on your company policy, payments may be made in two or three stages, with the following details: (1) Two stages, 50% down payment, and 50% repayment maximum seven days before D-Day; or (2) Three stages, 40% down payment, 40% after evaluation, and 20% repayment maximum seven days before D-Day.
  11. Because of the nature of this service which is the collaboration of various service providers, such as buses, restaurants, hotels, resorts, tourist attractions, etc. The change of schedule or cancellation will conform the policy of such parties. We can not guarantee that a change of schedule will be free of any additional fees and cancellation will be able to refund your money.
  12. The process of schedule changes and cancellations resolved by amicable way and with goodwill from both sides. The refund will be transferred to the payer’s bank account (domestic) or via Paypal (international).
  13. As we are not responsible for the weather, flight, bus delays, or any transportation services outside our service. We find these are not valid reasons for canceling your confirmed schedule trip departure. No shows are responsible for 100% of trip fees, no refund fees will be provided.
  14. If you can not show up at the meeting point on time, please contact our staff so we can adjust everything accordingly. However, there will be no time extension.
  15. In the event of force majeure that makes us unable to provide services, the refund process will follow the force majeure policy of collaboration parties. Refund fees will be transferred to the payer’s account (domestic) or via Paypal (international).
How to Order
Hi, do you like what you read and want to use our service? Feel free to contact us if you still have something to ask. You can use any contact information provided in the top of the page and we will be more than happy to help you out. Or you already feel everything is alright and cannot wait to book your place?
Please fill our contact form or send WA/Text with following information: Trip schedule, number of pax, desired tour package, and more importantly your contact information. We will respond to your inquiry ASAP.
Payment with bank transfer must be addressed to account 4124-589-555 | CV Tripsona Indonesia | Bank Permata Mangkubumi Yogyakarta for domestic transaction, or via PayPal link for international transaction. Contact one of our staff to confirm your payment.

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