Activity Report of Resik (Cleaning) Goa Cemara Beach

In accordance with the value of Tripsona who want to do business as well as doing good for the environment (ethical), we participated to be a sponsor in the event called “Resik Pantai” (cleaning the beach) in Goa Cemara Beach, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Environmental awareness event that was held on Sunday, December 10, 2017, was started early in the morning to clean up the garbage in the beach area. Not only cleaning the beach, this event also provides entertainment and door prize for participants who participated in this event.


Tripsona really gives appreciation to all crew of “JOGJA_PROJECT” who have the initiative to clean Cemara Goa Beach, planning, and carrying out activities in accordance with the agreement. The amount of garbage collected is evidence that colleagues have worked wholeheartedly for the preservation of the natural environment.

resik-pantai-3Activity Report of Resik (Cleaning) Goa Cemara Beach

The entertainment event that was held was quite interesting and entertaining for Tripsona’s crew who came to review the event. We also grateful for the warm welcome, venue, and snacks served by the committee.

resik-pantai-6resik-pantai-2Activity Report of Resik (Cleaning) Goa Cemara Beach

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to the committee of Resik Pantai Goa Cemara who have been professionally managing all activities, and we also apologize if the funds we donated were nothing compared to the work of colleagues. With all its limitations, Tripsona has given maximum donation value. We also hope that similar events can be more frequent and more sustainable to keep preserve the natural environment of Yogyakarta.


Thank you for Bu Tiwi, Mas Bambang, Mbak Laras, Mbak Devi, Mbak Dathu, and friends. Hopefully, all of us will be better and be more successful in the future 🙂