Company Outing CV Permata Sejahtera Bandung

On December 1-3, 2017, Tripsona successfully organized outing incentives for employees and families of CV Permata Sejahtera from Bandung. The event which was attended by 95 participants took place for three days and two nights in Yogyakarta. CV Permata Sejahtera is a company engaged in the processed frozen foods such as sausage, nugget, meat, etc. A very memorable thing about this event is because employees and top management have a very close relationship. Tripsona truly honored to organize this event, especially because the director is very concerned about his employees. Even he stated “I am nothing without them (employees)” makes this tour create a deep impression on employees and their families.


Although the previous day atmosphere in Yogyakarta is still not out of emergency due to flooding in a number of areas, by the grace of God Almighty, Tripsona successfully runs the trip as planned. Here is the itinerary:

  • The first day begins with a pickup at the station, then games at Puncak Becici and followed by eating and relaxing at Pulang Sawal (Indrayanti) Beach;
  • On the second day, the group was invited to enjoy Candi Borobudur, buy souvenirs, and strolling in Malioboro;
  • On the third day, the group was taken back to the station, also supplied with lunch box gudeg (a specialty of Yogyakarta).

Games at Puncak Becici

Still, under conditions affected by the Cempaka tropical cyclone, the crew has been preparing for the possibility of rain at Puncak Becici. Luckily that morning the weather was just cloudy and a little drizzle, so the ice breaking games could run smoothly. Participants seemed enthusiast and happy to participate in the group games that had previously been prepared by the Tripsona’s crew.


Pantai Pulang Sawal (Indrayanti)

The second destination on this first day is Indrayanti Beach. After getting tired of doing various games at Puncak Becici, surely the stomach will feel empty. For that, Tripsona has made restaurant reservations at Indrayanti Beach to ensure all participants in the group can be well served. While enjoying fresh fish dishes, the participants can enjoy the scenery and beach atmosphere on the beach, which is one of the main tourist destinations in Gunung Kidul.


Candi Borobudur

Journey to Yogyakarta is not perfect without visiting Candi Borobudur, which is the main tourist destination in Indonesia. Early in the morning, the group was rushed to Borobudur, with the travel time of at most two hours. We are in luck again this time, because it was not raining and even the thick cloud made the temperature feels a little bit cooler. This experience certainly makes a visit to Candi Borobudur to be unforgettable, especially for children who see it for the first time.

borobudur-2 borobudur

Gift Stores and Malioboro

After done enjoying the splendor of Candi Borobudur, this is the time when the group was invited to hunt souvenirs at various shopping centers in Jogja. Although it was a long weekend and also the last day of Sekaten that made traffic in the Malioboro area was very severe, but with hard work, we manage to secure parking spot in these places. Bakpia, batik, and other gifts are available to facilitate the group to purchase various items to be carried home.

After two full days, this is the time to return to Bandung and working as usual. Tripsona then escorts the group to Yogyakarta Station and did not forget to equip the group with lunch box gudeg Jogja. We hoped that during these two days, the participants are satisfied with our performance that has been vigorously managing everything for the convenience of the participants. We also say goodbye and thanks to the participants and management of CV Permata Sejahtera, Mr. Jimmy and Ms. Remi who always in touch with us. Hopefully, CV Permata Sejahtera can flourish and become more successful! 🙂