Cheerful Outing of 24 Bank Employees in Yogyakarta

On December 1-2, 2017, Tripsona successfully organized outing incentives for Mr. Dodo’s group. This group consist of one of the private banks’ employees in Indonesia, amounted to 24 people, and lasted for two days in Yogyakarta. Then we arranged Mr. Dodo’s group to stay in one of the guest house with a large capacity in Kotagede area so that the family atmosphere can be more present. During the two-day event, one of the best Tripsona’s tours guide managed to lead the trip very well, so the cohesiveness, togetherness, and excitement of the group could be well maintained.


Although the previous day atmosphere in Yogyakarta is still not out of emergency due to flooding in a number of areas, by the grace of God Almighty, Tripsona successfully ran the trip as planned. Here is the itinerary:

  • The first day began with a group pickup at Borobudur, then enjoy Merapi jeep tour, and ended with a night tour in the Alun-Alun Kidul (South City Square);
  • On the second day, the group was escorted to Goa Tanding and Indrayanti Beach and ended with dinner at Bukit Bintang.

Candi Borobudur

Journey to Yogyakarta is not perfect without visiting Candi Borobudur, which is the main tourist destination in Indonesia. In the morning, the group already gathered in Borobudur area for sightseeing. We were in luck again this time, because it was not raining and even the thick cloud made the temperature felt a little bit cooler. This experience certainly made this event became more beautiful, because the weather was very comfortable for the exploration activities. After tired of traveling, the group then headed to the Balkon desa for lunch.


Merapi Jeep Tour

After done enjoying the magnificence of Borobudur Temple, the group were rushed to Kaliurang for Merapi jeep tour. The weather was so good that made this event became more festive. Participants looked very happy when six jeeps brought them around Kaliurang area. Cool air plus cool breeze accompanied them to enjoy the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of Merapi, which is the most active volcano in Indonesia.


Alun-Alun Kidul

Night tour in Yogyakarta is not complete without visiting the Alun-Alun Kidul (South city square). Attractions such as bicycles, paddled cars, and lighted wagons, are unique to this square. Here the group was also invited to enjoy the various hot drinks typical of street vendors in Yogyakarta. The time passed by and we realized it was already midnight, this was a sign for the group to hurry back to the guest house and rest.

On the second day, the group was scheduled to do various activities in the Gunung Kidul area, Yogyakarta. We chose Goa Tanding and Pulang Sawal (Indrayanti) Beach as the main destinations of this trip. Cave exploration and beach tours made this two-days tour felt really complete. The first-day mountains tour and the second-day coast tour were the scenarios we had designed for Mr. Dodo’s outing needs. Evidently, this group was very satisfied with the design of the trip that we had to arrange far before the D-day.


For two full days Mr. Dodo’s group were on vacation, now it is the time to go back to Jakarta to work as usual. Tripsona then bade farewell to the group and prayed that the bus could be given convenience and arrived safely in Jakarta. We hope that during these two days, the participants were satisfied with our performance who had been vigorously managed everything for the convenience of the participants. We are also very grateful to the participants and Mr. Dodo who always coordinate with us. Hopefully, Mr. Dodo and friends can continue to excel and become more successful! 🙂