Our Support To Eradicate Covid-19

2020 is Tripsona's toughest year in our efforts to promote tourism in Yogyakarta. Social distancing and the closure of tourist objects in Yogyakarta practically made us unable to continue our operational activities. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that we can continue our positive trend after the Covid-19 outbreak passed. As a legitimate business and our commitment to provide optimal service, we certainly cannot refuse consumers if they still want to travel after the government officially reopens the tourism objects. However, you need to consider the followings:


Risk of Infection When Traveling

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), which can cause lung disease (Covid-19), is a highly contagious virus, and it is difficult to identify infected people. Most patients (80%) only show mild symptoms such as cough and itchy throat, and some have no symptoms at all. Still, this virus is deadly, especially for people above 49 years old. Therefore, it is recommended for those of you who are above 49 years to postpone your tour with us.

This virus is transmitted through droplets (water splashes) from human to human. So we recommend that our customers use a special non-medical mask that can protect the respiratory tract from viruses, use glasses, and carry a pack of wet tissue or hand sanitizer. It is not recommended to go in a large group because if there is an infected person join the group, one whole group is at risk of contracting the virus.

For you who travel in a small group, you are also at risk of contracting the virus in public transportations (e.g., the train and the airplane) on your journey to/from Yogyakarta.

Refusing Customers Can Kill Yogyakarta Tourism Industry

If the government can solve this outbreak in one or two months, of course, there is nothing to worry about. However, there is a possibility that this virus will be among us for a long time. Therefore, if the worst-case scenario occurs, we will continue to serve customers by implementing the following security measures:

  • Customers under the age of 49 years;
  • Customers do not have symptoms;
  • Bring a safety mask;
  • Bring glasses;
  • Bring a pack of wet tissue and/or hand sanitizer; and
  • Try to avoid high-risk tourism objects (i.e., crowded and lots of human contacts).

Yogyakarta is a city whose economy depends on tourism activities, ranging from hotels, restaurants, souvenir centers, and bus rental. Therefore, we still try to move the economy if the worst-case scenario occurs.

Our Attempt to Eradicate Covid-19

We have donated our CSR fund for this year to the Kita Bisa Foundation in the fundraising campaign "Selamatkan Nyawa Sesama! #BersamaLawanCorona". Tripsona hopes that our small donation can help stop the spread of the virus and protect the people affected. Tripsona also provides masks that are available at our office for our customers who forget to bring masks.


Lastly, we hope this pandemic can be quickly resolved so that tourists can then return to Jogja and can enjoy the hospitality of this beautiful city. Stay healthy and stay motivated until the scientist discovers the medicine and the vaccine!