HLB Hadori Consulting – Office Outing in Yogyakarta

Tripsona not only competent in arranging tourism activities, but also has the ability to manage outbounds and training. This is evidenced by the recent success of HLB Hadori Consulting office outing event in Yogyakarta on 25-27 August 2018, which was more focused on outbound and training activities. This Office outing program aims to increase cohesiveness and teamwork, a sense of belonging, and of course body and soul refreshment after tired of daily work activities. It is a great honor for Tripsona to be trusted as an event organizer, which of course has been through a very strict selection.

Outbound in Ledok Sambi Tourism Village

We choose Ledok Sambi Village to hold the outbound activities for this event. In addition to its beautiful nature, the facilities at this location were also met our standards. In this activity, Tripsona's crew have designed various games and challenges by involving experts in their respective fields. Tripsona understands that business is always faced with uncertainty, and this uncertainty is the "danger" that must be faced by groups/organizations. Therefore, a leader must be able to give a sense of "security" in the group. In business, these dangers are not constant but are variables, such as economic conditions, competition, new technology, etc. Thus, the leader is expected to mitigate hazards and give a sense of security in the group.

outbound-hlb-hadori-1 outbound-hlb-hadori-2 outbound-hlb-hadori-3 outbound-hlb-hadori-4 outbound-hlb-hadori-5 outbound-hlb-hadori-6

The leader must ensure that each group member feels safe at work so that he or she will not spend energy to ensure his/her own security (for example: sucking up, gossiping, distrusting, etc.). When all feel safe, each group member will be able to work together so that they can deal with the dangers outside their circle (group). Tripsona emphasizes the importance of all group members (and leaders) to unite in the face of dangers, which can later be applied in the HLB Hadori Consulting business.

Relax at Omah Kecebong

Visiting Yogyakarta would not be satisfying without collecting Instagram photos. Therefore, we chose this destination so that the guests' experience is more unique and not mainstream. In Omah Kecebong, guests could enjoy snacks, take pictures, and play traditional Javanese games.

omahcebong-hlb-hadori-1 omahcebong-hlb-hadori-2 omahcebong-hlb-hadori-3

Dinner at Bukit Bintang

Special events must be accompanied by a special Gala Dinner. Entertainment, speakers, and formalities, are very important to evaluate the result of the event and provide awards related to employees performance.

manglung-hlb-hadori-1 manglung-hlb-hadori-2

After completing this series of outing activities, Tripsona hopes that the staff of HLB Hadori Consulting will become more solid and well equipped to overcome all business problems as a group that looks after each other. Hopefully, this activity could provide maximum benefits for HLB Hadori Consulting. Tripsona also thanked Ms. Yulia, Mr. Kusuma and Mr. Haryoko for helping with the coordination so that the events were smoothly executed. See you again in Yogyakarta!