4th National Gathering Fun88 Indonesian Toon Army

On 16-17 September 2017, Tripsona successfully helped Indonesian Toon Army (ITA) organize National Gathering event (Gathnas). The event involved about 100 loyal supporters of Newcastle United football club (NUFC) was located in the area of Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. This ITA's biggest event was also able to attract the official sponsor of NUFC, i.e. Fun88, which is an online game company in Asia offering sports betting, live casinos, slots, etc., all of which are available in multiple languages. This Gathnas ITA besides turned Borobudur area into shades of black and white, also attended by participants from Thailand to Fiji.


NUFC Nuance at Pondok Tingal

The solidity of the Tripsona crew and the ITA board can be seen from the decoration setting at Pondok Tingal. We greatly appreciate the input and collaboration of ITA managers, especially Om Alex, who was chairman of ITA (although will step down). As seen from the dress code, backdrop, photo booth, banners, etc., all look beautiful and harmonious thus make it easier for us to condition the event.


Bazaar and Football Competition

On the first day, the beginning of Gathnas ITA agenda was the bazaar and football tournament. The relaxed tournament was held to strengthen the sense of brotherhood among ITA members and followed by 8 teams consisting of 8 to 10 people. See how the field was painstakingly made by the Tripsona’s crew (although not straight lines) became the battleground of NUFC supporters, ranging from the athletic body up to a “bit” of obesity. One member of the Tripsona’s crew was given the honor of being a referee in this festive tournament.


Gala Dinner dan Election ITA Chairman 2017-2019

After football and rest, then NUFC supporters troops were invited to enjoy dinner accompanied by music from acoustic band Yogyakarta. This dinner was a wonderful moment, especially when sales promotion girl starts to come down to help “beautify” the 99.9% men army. While enjoying food and chatting, there was also auctions of original NUFC jersey. This opportunity was used by the masses who are rich, to fight in order to get the jersey they seek.


The ultimate event at night was the election of ITA Chairman of the period 2017-2019 to replace Om Alex who has expired his term of office. After going through a long and tedious process, finally, Rangga Yudha became the new Chairman of ITA. Tripsona then not forget to congratulate Rangga Yudha!

Watch Newcastle vs Stoke City Together

Gathering supporters of a football club were not complete without watching the show together. This event was intentionally held when NUFC host Stoke City on September 16, 2017. The shouts slogans and chanting from supporters echoed throughout the game. NUFC 2-1 victory through goals from Christian Atsu and Jamaal Lascelles in minute 19 and 68 make the Gathnas evening more special.

Sunrise Punthuk Setumbu

Although it only had a few hours to sleep (after watching football), this does not dampen the spirit of ITA troops to got up early to see the sunrise at Punthuk Setumbu. About four o’clock in the morning, the entourage had already boarded the pickup truck to get to the parking area of Punthuk Setumbu. The coldness of the morning seemed to not be felt as the group walked up the path to the top of the hill. A very unique thing happened when the Gathnas crowd met a girl named Sarah Mckeough who came from Newcastle, England. This brief encounter was recorded by Sarah and spread so that this event became viral in social media.


Bicycle Tour Borobudur

This was the peak event on the second day of Gathnas ITA 2017. Group of bicycles totaling approximately 100 bicycles crowded the streets of Borobudur area and made a spectacle for residents and tourists. Rows of men cycling with black and white uniforms typical of Newcastle United made many people who did not know about NUFC became curious. In fact, it is not impossible that small children who saw this event will always remember the moment and will become the candidate of ITA troop in the future.


The release of hundreds of balloons into the air marked the end of Gathnas and the start of a new era of leadership, the era of Chairman Rangga Yudha. Tripsona is delighted with the success of the 4th National Gathering Fun88 Indonesian Toon Army and hopes that ITA organizations can be more solid and grow even bigger.